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Sex, 28 de Setembro de 2012 01:39

Por: Diego Camargo

Artist: Apocalypse
Album: 2012 Light Years From Home
Year: 2011
Label: Independent

This is the seventh studio release by this brazilian act. By far the most active Progressive Rock band in the country.

2012 Light Years From Home (2011) was released in The 25th Anniversary Concert Box Set (2011) that also have a live CD called Magic Spells, a DVD called The 25th Anniversary Concert and a book written by Eliton Tomasi called The 25th Anniversary Book – The Apocalypse History, that tells the 25 years band’s history.

The album as a whole is a very good effort and shows tha band growing every new release, specially with Gustavo Demarchi vocals but still bothers me a little bit, not cause of his tone, but because of his English, isn’t that bad, but it’s a little bit harsh I think, it could be better. But I guess after 6 years singing in English it’ll not change much more. I like when he plays the flute in the Jethro Tull style, the band gains a lot of strength, but unfortunatelly it appears on just a few tracks in this new album, like in thr intro of ‘Take My Heart’.

The highlight are the initial track, the Yes alike ‘New Sunrise’ and the different vocals and wonderful bass sound that Magoo Wise delivers. A good surprise is the fourth track ‘The Angels And Seven Trumpets’.
The title track (also the last one) is another wonderful gem with some Emerson, Lake & Palmer signs.

I still prefered when the band used to sing in Portuguese (on the 2003′s album Refúgio, for example). But it’s always a pleasure listen to their music, specially with this new record. I’m pretty sure it’ll spin a lot of times on my player.

1. New Sunrise (5:25)
2. Set me Free (3:22)
3. Take my Heart (3:27)
4.The Angle and Seven Trumpets (5:24)
5.On the Way to the Stars (4:25)
6.Till Another Side (5:08)
7.Morning Light (4:40)
8. Find me Now (2:35)
9. A Cry in the Infinity (4:28)
10. To Kiss the Tears You Cry (5:51)
11. Blue Angel (3:24)
12. 2012 Light Years from Home (13:39)